AMPT Token Buyback Program

By Giorgia


AMPT Token is a native token created to support the functions of Amplify. AMPT Token will be the fuel for our platform. We want to remind you that AMPLIFY will guarantee the price of the token. This means the current buyback program entitles token holders to sell their AMPT back to the company at the rate of 0.1 USD per AMPT, that is, if the token price goes below this level.

We have announced that we plan to launch AMPLIFY within 6 months, and every day our team has less and less time to reach this ambitious goal! The work doesn’t stop, and we want you to keep in mind our promise: if the project isn’t listed in 6 months, Amplify will buy back the tokens at a 20% higher price.

Also, don’t forget that AMPLIFY is a DeFi project where the community is steering the development. The token gives voting rights to its holders. The more tokens you have, the higher the influence on the matters discussed, from roadmap decisions to token release. Decisions are made following the majority wins system, where 51% of the circulating AMPTs is required to approve proposals. You can learn more about the AMPT token on our website:



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