Earn $AMPT while Discovering Decentralised Governance

By Vadim

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It’s official — more than $75,000 worth of $AMPT will be up for grabs in Amplify Protocol’s latest and most exciting community bounty event!

In the lead-up to Amplify Protocol’s imminent launch, the team has decided to take this initiative to ensure that we are a "day one DAO".

We are big believers in decentralization, and this Bounty program puts YOU in control of how the voting-escrow app (decentralized governance) will function.

From the first moments of its launch on the mainnet, Amplify Protocol will be created for users by users. We aim to achieve actualization through decentralization.

In return for your participation, you’ll each receive a proportional amount of $75,000 worth of $AMPT, guaranteed to every user that qualifies for the Bounty and shares their results publicly.

Simply follow the steps below to join the Program.

1. Post a new tweet.

Copy this text and share it in Twitter:

Proud to be a part of ’s #DayOneDAO #airdrop #bounty on chain. Squashing bugs and earning $AMPT bags! holdex.io/x/amplify/earn-ampt-while-discovering-decentralised-governance

2. Subscribe

Subscribe with your email address on our website’s DAO page

3. Receive an email with instructions

On the 12th of November 2021, you will receive an email with detailed instructions about participation and rewards allocation. Now, simply sit back and keep your eyes on your inbox!

P.S. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below!

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