Full-stack web3 developer wanted!

By Vadim

We are looking for a full-stack web3 developer.

If you consider yourself a professional coder (or you know one) who enjoys hacking complex problems and has pride in delivering results, please hit `reply` and let chat.


Collaborate with peer developers and deliver working code that is easy to integrate and maintain.

Experience and knowledge

Our company culture supports learning and personal development but always starts with an end goal in our mind. This means that the results delivery is the most important thing we must aim to get from mutual collaboration. And having fun while we are doing this, is the second important thing. But not vice-versa.

For you to work with us and deliver reasonable results you must know Javascript pretty well. If you are a developer who is shifting from another programming language, it is still acceptable, but you should be realistic when it comes down to what you can actually deliver. Solidity will be the second language you need to be (or get) fluent with. As a master of your craft, you will need to use the following tools:

If you never worked with these tools before, it is fine. If you are good at picking up new tools, it won't be a big issue for you.


A good understanding of the following concept is an advantage, but not a must-have unless you are ego to learn:

  • agile product development
  • serverless architecture
  • event sourcing

Values culture

We require alignment around teamwork dynamics and positive interdependence. You must be a team player who is ready to give a hand to your peer, and who is not shy to ask for help when it is needed.

Last, but not least: it is crucial for you to share our team values.


If you feel excited about the opportunity to become a full-stack team member, please contact Vadim via t.me/zolotokr... or just hit `reply` button here and let's chat


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