It’s $AMPT O’Clock : Let the Bug-Hunting Begin!

By Mark Curchin

Congratulations! You’re officially part of our #DayOneDAO and ready to start squashing bugs and earning $AMPT bags!

If you’re reading this, you’ve successfully signed up to Amplify Protocol’s community bounty event before the time limit of 12th November, 2021 (if you haven’t registered, you still have a chance , but hurry up!). Remember: being part of a DAO means you are now a valuable part of a close-knit collective of Amplify Protocol owners.

Below, you’ll find a table detailing the various activities that you can perform in order to earn your $AMPT rewards. This community bounty event includes two tiers of awards:

- Participation Awards are simple, easy, and open to all (make sure to follow the instruction in this form ).

- Grand Prizes which are competitive and require a keen eye for bug hunting and reporting

Anyone is eligible for these rewards, just fulfil the requirements by the time the community bounty event ends at 11:59 pm (UTC) on 17 November (next Wednesday!) and you’re set!

Participation Awards

$AMPT Rewards’ USD ValueAction
$1Join our Telegram
$2Follow our Twitter
$3Join our Discord
+$50For accounts which have more than 5 000 followers in Twitter
+$100For accounts which have more than 20 000 followers
+$150Get KYC verified on Bitmart

Grand Prizes

$AMPT Rewards’ USD ValueAction
$1000 (Bronze award) 🥉One prize, awarded for: Reporting unique critical bugs on dapp level, Suggesting fixes
$3000 (Silver award)🥈One prize, awarded for: Reporting unique critical bugs on dapp level, Suggesting fixes
$5000 (Gold award) 🥇One prize, awarded for: Reporting unique critical bugs and issues on the smart-contract and dapp level, to be explained with a detailed description, Suggesting fixes

For those of you who are willing to take up the challenge of bug hunting, make sure to carefully read and follow the outline below of the rules behind the competition.

Rules for Grand Prizes Competition Entry:

  • Post each bug as a separate comment to this thread below.
  • Provide a detailed explanation about the discovered bug within the comment. Remember, comment sections support Markdown ! Explanations should follow the following format :
  1. Title
  2. Summary
  3. Visual Proof
  4. Expected vs. Actual Results
  5. Steps to Reproduce
  6. Environment
  7. Console Logs
  8. Source URL
  9. Severity and Priority
  10. Optional: let us know if you know how to fix the bug you’ve discovered!

Pre-requirements for application testing

  1. Depending on the network you will be searching for bugs and testing, you might need to pay the gas fees for interactions with the protocol. You can get free test tokens on the following resource: for MATIC test tokens on Mumbai network and for VLX test tokens on Velas Testnet network
  2. Claim your AMPT test tokens on our faucet:

That’s all you need to know to get started. Prizes will be allocated by the Amplify Protocol team with the main judging criteria being the severity of the bug and the eloquence of the explanation.

So what are you waiting for? Get started joining our socials and hunting those bugs.

We look forward to seeing some great reports from the community!

P.S. here is the contract source for the most curious minds:

Polygon Mumbai smart contract

Velas Testnet smart contract

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