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A huge portion of the supply chain struggles to get financing as traditional financial institutions focus on the so-called 1st level enterprises. It is easy to imagine why this happens: 1st level enterprises are stable and have high creditworthiness. Still, this leaves a very large number of 2nd and 3rd level suppliers, which are typically SMEs, out of the credit-granting system.

And so what, you might be thinking. Almost 90% of the global economy relies on trade financing to function. So these outdated financing practices effectively prevent economic growth and cripple countless industries. And all this in the midst of a pandemic. There is a solution to this. It is simple and there is something in it for you too: DeTradeFi.

Welcome to DeTradeFi!

Through DeTradeFi, we allow the growing community of crypto investors to provide missing funding for SMEs while earning. On the flip side, SMEs get access to faster and cheaper financing options.

So…are you in or are you out?

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