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In this article, we will tell you about Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company.

What Is Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are not officially recognized as full-fledged exchanges and have not received licenses. In fact, they function as large (or not very large) online services where you can buy or sell cryptocurrency, earning on the exchange rate difference between pairs. At the same time, the most famous services are already acquiring features characteristic of exchanges – for example, they allow margin transactions (on credit, with a certain “shoulder”). Users point to several points:

· The technical support of such “exchanges” does not fully protect participants from fraud,

· In addition to the technical side, it is quite difficult to deal with the legal support of transactions,

· Some services are projects with a short life span, from which it is important to withdraw funds in time – before they are closed.

The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges

One of the most popular and demanded cryptocurrency exchanges in the trading market is Bitfinex. In the stock market, the volume of its turnover is quite high. In terms of trading volume, it is one of the largest in the world. The following cryptocurrencies are traded – BTC and LTC. Directions for exchanging BTC for US dollars, BTC for LTC and LTC for US dollars are available. The Bitstamp exchange is also in demand among clients. This exchange works only in BTC cryptocurrency, there is a single pair for currency exchange.

What Is a White Label Exchange Solution?

The white label cryptocurrency exchange solution is a software developed by a third-party operator. It is then customized and rebranded for different companies. The company that purchases the software will brand the solution itself and develop it to suit their needs based on that solution.

Organizations that purchase white label cryptocurrency exchanges will not need an extensive team of technical resources to oversee and review exchanges. White label solutions are pre-tested and run, and are subject to change and customization.

Benefits of White Label Exchange Solutions

A. Save Time And Money

White label solutions save time and money. Because these modules are off-the-shelf, there is no need to build them from scratch. This can save time and money that would otherwise have been spent in the further development process.

B. Easy Customization

The white label cryptocurrency exchange features modular, direct architecture. Therefore, if you have the expertise, you will be able to change the interface without breaking the technical function of the interface.

The white label cryptocurrency exchange solution you cover will design the trading engine, user interface, admin panel, and more. Users only need to customize the platform to fit their own needs and the needs of their target audience.

Exchanges can be easily rebranded to suit business needs. These rebranded components include interface placement, design, and the like.

C. Fast Deployment

The white label crypto exchange comes with a ready-to-run core. You only need to change and distribute the parts you require.

D. Sustainability And Reliability

The white label cryptocurrency exchange comes with the previous version. Developers always have these older versions as a reference to improve the functionality of their solutions.

E. Minimum Technical Expertise

White label cryptocurrency exchanges have everything users need. Therefore, extensive coding knowledge is not required to run an exchange. You can always hire a developer to upgrade your system.

The Exchange's Security Features Include:

· Anti-DDoS: This feature protects exchanges from DDoS attacks that have been somewhat prevalent in the industry for years.

· Data Encryption: Protect all data circulating on exchanges

· Multi-factor authentication: parameters and media can be set for identity authentication. Email, Google authentication app, SMS, etc.

· HTTP Authentication: An additional security certificate for the customer's website

· white label cryptocurrency exchange supports all major cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The platform is also compatible with ERC-20 tokens and provides a high degree of liquidity for users to exchange money quickly.

Summing Up

When you incorporate such features in your web/app, you are likely to triumph over your competitors. Also, you can lead your business ahead by prioritizing the online crypto exchange to make your app stand above the rest.

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