Launch your NFT marketplace like OpenSea

By danieljacobc067

2021 is the year of non-fungible tokens. The New York-based startup, OpenSea earlier closed a $23 million Series A in March, and now it raised another $100 million in Series B round at a valuation of $1.5 billion. Such a massive number makes us acknowledge the skyrocketing trend of NFTs in space. The existing marketplaces are flooded with NFT admirers, and the sales are at its peak.

By developing your own NFT marketplace, you can receive commission charges for each NFT that gets traded. Apart from it, you can receive minting and listing charges for all the NFTs that are included in your marketplace. Isn’t it great? This way, it becomes a sure-fire business model. Therefore, launching your OpenSea Clone is the right decision to kick-start your cryptopreneurial life.

Features Of Our OpenSea Clone:

Efficient Categorizing

Advanced Search and Sort

User Activity Tracking

Efficient Asset Listing

Ranking and Performance Statistics

Attractive Storefront

In-built Wallet

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