Okex Clone Script

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Okex Clone Script

An OKEx clone script is a software that has all the features of the OKEx exchange

And offers its functions just like itself.

If you want to provide an exchange with OKEx features, I suggest you use a clone script that is simulated from this exchange.

Clone scripts are provided by companies that develop exchange software, and you can get them for a fee.

These OKEx clone scripts offer features of this exchange, and in addition, you can make custom changes based on it to make your business the way you want it.

The software is a digital cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides advanced financial and security services to traders around the world.

Note that only digital currencies are supported on this platform and there are no Fiat currencies or transactions with Fiat currencies.

Only traders can trade 297 coins supported on OKEx.

This script is encrypted from the OKEx exchange with a white label and is based on China Blockchain technology.

In addition, it has several layers of security that make your business secure.

This software is a peer-to-peer encrypted clone and is secure throughout.

Okex cryptocurrency exchange

Okex is one of the largest digital currency exchanges, supporting many digital currencies as a platform. It is a secure and centralized environment for traders to buy and sell digital currencies.

The exchange was established in 2014 by Star Xu and is headquartered in Valletta, Malta.

This exchange offers its services to countries around the world.

The purpose of Okex exchange is to provide exchanges with bitcoins and other digital currencies in a fully regulated manner.

In December 2018, Okex Exchange was introduced as the largest digital currency exchange.

It ranks 6.7 in the eyes of users.

OKEx employees

It is about 1000 people.

Has an employee.

It currently has more than one million visitors.

Features of Okex clone software

  • Provides secure wallets to protect our assets.
  • Performs payment integration to make users' experience more convenient.
  • Provides a real-time list of asset values ​​to inform you of the value of current real-time time.
  • Its admins' 24-hour support for exchange customers allows you to start trading at any time and place.
  • This clone script is provided for any system and any device.
  • This exchange has set visa points for new users.
  • Supports a variety of orders including limited market order and stop
  • Ability to create various accounts for users including savings account and mining account
  • Supports a variety of trades, including basic and advanced point margin trades.
  • Integrating multiple cryptocurrencies allows you to use multiple wallets and multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time.
  • User and admin dashboard that allows administrators and users to do things better.
  • Multilingual support to provide worldwide services to increase profits
  • Automated trading engine to connect buyer and seller faster
  • Automatic KYC / AML verification for added security and identification of your account
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • And offering to relatively few countries is one of its negative points.
  • Support for bank card and credit card payment methods
  • This exchange receives a small transaction fee from its traders.

Okex clone app

An OKEx clone script is ready-made software that has all the security features and functions available in the OKEx digital currency exchange platform.

This software can also be provided as an application or website so that customers can purchase it for their users.

It is easier and more up-to-date for traders to use an application.

Because today, people all over the world do all their activities with Leffon mobile applications, and institutions and companies offer their services and products in applications, and the reason is easy access and high speed.

These applications also offer the same features of OKEx exchange and you can use them to promote your business.

Of course, you must make sure that the software you install is valid and secure.

How do Okex works?

To get started with the Okex clone script , you need to do the following:

The first step is to sign up to start your own business as an official user.

In the registration process, you must enter basic information such as your username and email, and password.

Then enter some detailed information to be approved by KYC and AML and you can trade.

The second step is to choose a secure wallet to hold your assets.

In the third step, to make the trade possible, you need to transfer an amount to your account so that you can use it to buy currency.

To transfer money to your account, you must select a payment method from the available methods and transfer the money.

In the fourth step, you can start your own business. And buy currency according to the type of price and the amount you want.



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