$PCY How to participate in the tokensale

By bonijid693


The Pcity Protocol is developing a unique platform that allows anyone to be rewarded for the first time with BNB


Similar to fixed deposits offered by banks, Pcity participants have to stake their assets to earn rewards. The rewards are based in proportion to the total assets staked by the participant. The incentives earned as part of this program are deposited into the wallet address provided by the participant after they have claimed them on the platform. PCITY TOKEN

Pcity is a deflationary, stakeable token with an initial supply of 80M tokens. When the community transacts PCY tokens, 4% of the total transaction will be distributed among the stakers and the other 4% will be staked. INCOME

The income is generated through the transaction that will be distributed among the stakers. The burning process goes on until 4 million coins are left. EARNINGS

PCY token makes use of a more realistic model, one that is capable of providing good long-term returns. Your earning is not fixed with the Pcity network.

Connect with us:

Twitter: twitter.com/PcityF Telegram: t.me/pcityfinance

Website: Pcity.finance

Bscscan: bscscan.com/address/0xdfAa96f1A1185283dA8bC9840Cd00feA337c79B1#code



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