Remitano Clone Script

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Remitano Clone Script

Remitano Clone Script is a Remitano simulation software that can support all Remitano features just like it.

The good thing about the Remitano clone script is that it not only supports Remitano features but can also support other features so that the software you receive fits your business needs perfectly.

Software with the features you want can lead you to the world of digital currency and attract many traders from all over the world to you and your simulated platform.

All you have to do is find the features you want and customize and purchase the software you want.

Remitano could be more attractive in its simulated version and support more trading options and coins. In addition, you can make it global by placing different languages ​​on it so that all traders around the world can use it.

Remitano clone script

About Remitano exchange

The Remitano Exchange was launched in 2015 with the goal of giving users a different experience of digital currency trading at a different level, more securely and faster.

This exchange supports Fiat currencies well and has facilitated digital currency transactions with Fiat and vice versa.

The fee he receives for his transactions is zero and he is the first bitcoin exchange to have these conditions.

Remitano trades on a peer-to-peer basis so that no third party is involved in the trades and they can buy and sell digital currency with complete security.

Remitano has 24-hour support and can solve your problems at any time of the day or night.

Its lower cost than other exchange offices has made it very popular with traders because all traders want to receive better and more profits at a lower cost.

Remitano encrypted suzani has improved a lot since its inception and has improved its features.

This exchange has both centralized and decentralized platforms .

Which feature does the Remitano clone script have?

Feedback system: User feedback is a very important platform. It should be important to you that they are satisfied with the features of your platform and its speed and security. Because it has a huge impact on the progress of your business. In this way, you improve the negative points and promote the positive points.

Dispute Resolution System: In peer-to-peer transactions, as you know, there is no third party and the transaction is done only between two people. In this type of transaction, the speed of the transaction increases and the reason is that it is without intermediaries and is a direct exchange between two people. In addition, when it is an intermediary between transactions, it definitely receives a one percent fee and increases costs. So the absence of a third person is better in many ways.

Security account system: Having this account helps you so that no other user can cheat you. The number of assets to be entered into by both parties is kept in a trust account to ensure the accuracy of the transaction.

Private and online chat system: Allow your users to chat with their trading partners online. This feature gives them a greater sense of security and they can find out which order is right for them to buy.


How can you launched it?

Setting up a platform like Remitano is simple. You are obliged to research the features of Remitano and examine them all. The reason for examining the features is that you can do this to get the strengths and weaknesses of Remitano.

Then find a developer who is trusted and can execute your request to build a Remitano script software.

You need to ask your company to set all the features of Remitano that you like. Additionally, you can request that no other features be added to Remitano.

For example, you can add your own languages ​​to your platform to allow traders around the world to trade in their own language. You can add trading options so that there are more attractive ways to trade. You can determine which coins can be traded on your platform.



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