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Take a Stand Against Inflationary Government Currencies. BitcoinSOV (BSOV) is a 100% community-driven cryptocurrency, and does not rely on centralized decision makers or traditional power structures to survive. This deflationary grassroots movement is built from the bottom-up, and is fully reliant on people like you to build it. We use non-violent methods of action – we fight for financial independence, and freedom from inflation.

1% of Every BSOV Transaction is Destroyed Forever. The 1% transaction burn makes the BitcoinSOV (BSOV) cryptocurrency deflationary by design compared to the original Bitcoin (BTC), therefore stimulating supply scarcity and reducing token velocity. You are penalized by sending your BSOV, so to avoid loss you are incentivized to hold the tokens instead. This deflationary mechanism may make BitcoinSOV better suited as a Store-of-Value (SoV).

Voluntary Proof-of-Commitment by the Community By using SovCube, the most committed token holders are able to timelock their BSOV to prove a high degree of commitment to the token holder integrity and longevity of the BitcoinSOV project. SovCube stimulates less sell pressure and more confidence in a cryptocurrency.

Start Mining BSOV with Your Graphics Card or FPGA. You can easily learn how to use your computer to compete for rewards by solving the never-ending computational problems provided by the ERC918 smart contract which BitcoinSOV is built upon. Mining is the only way to acquire BSOV, if you do not wish to buy it.

Fight with Financial Evolution! Just by holding any amount of BSOV, you are already considered a member of the BSOV community. The future, along with the potential of change, growth, freedom, and the over-all excellence of our world is in your hands, along with the hands of us all



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