Bytus Crypto Bank - The Future of Banking is Now!

By Altug Tatlisu


Bytus’ blockchain-based ecosystem has already left its mark in the financial world. The idea behind such a system has forced people to wonder if there are any limitations to the blockchain or not. The people behind Bytus certainly don’t believe there are any limits. The development of the Bytus Crypto Bank is one of the most innovative ideas that we have come across in a long time. Users are required to download the banking app to their phones and enjoy all the services associated with conventional online banking. The app is equipped with the latest software technology that ensures user security. Its multicurrency wallet feature allows users to obtain an overdraft facility by communication with the Bytus Mobile Wallet. You can easily convert your Bytus token into fiat currency without having to pay any transaction fees. This conversion feature is the catch of the Bytus ecosystem. Users also get a virtual credit card that can be used to make payments in both Bytus tokens as well as fiat currency. We at Bytus have been pioneering innovations in cryptocurrency, and the Bytus Crypto Bank is an important part of this innovation. Our blockchain experts make sure that your transactions are fully secured eliminating any possibilities of fraud. Crypto exchangers have been limited to changing one cryptocurrency to another only. Not anymore! The Bytus bank enables its users to convert their Bytus wallet account balance into fiat currency easily. The bank is an answer to all the skeptics of cryptocurrency and has provided solutions to most of the problems associated with shifting to cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. Bytus continues to work towards improvements in this ecosystem to facilitate global adaption of cryptocurrency to build towards a more secure financial future.



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