Make crypto payments that are fastest and safest

By Altug Tatlisu


Crypto payments are supposed to be faster and safer which they undoubtedly are. But the implementation of crypto payment portal has not been done efficiently because of which people are not familiar with payment method and its benefits. 100% blockchain-based portals haven’t been deployed yet which leaves them vulnerable to cyber threats. The platforms are not secure enough to save the users’ information and this leads to graver incidents of token or information theft. Bringing unique solutions ahead Bytus has come up with solutions haven’t been applied yet. It brings ease and speed both into the crypto payments and makes them exactly what should be. Therefore, the crypto payments become more adaptable with this payment platform. Bytus has integrated the best of technology in conjunction with blockchain and created the best for the cryptocurrency users. Blockchain enables us to weed out all the intermediaries and connect with the trading party directly. Some projects have tried to establish a connection between merchants and users through cryptocurrency. But they couldn’t get rid of imperfections in the functionality of payments. The most noticeable one is the latency which was deeply discouraging for crypto enthusiasts. Making bigger possibilities real The existing fiat payment platforms execute the payment at a much lesser time than their crypto counterparts. And that’s the reason, crypto payment couldn’t achieve the traction it should have been. Bytus has directed its resources and technology to make crypto payments better and faster in every aspect. This platform will help cryptos supersede fiat and usher the world into the realm of digital assets. This platform will expose the world to the real potential of cryptocurrency. With the help of blockchain technology, we can achieve what’s not possible with fiat. It is not just limited to personal transactions of individuals, it indicates a massive revolution in business as it opens possibilities of transactions with a greater amount at a much lesser time without any charges. It opens a doorway to whole new possibilities applicable to our entire economy. Creating a highly adaptable ecosystem It means that bulk transactions will be possible without stalwart transaction fee which would increase the pace of business all over the world. The level of business and income will multiply manifolds and it would be a great impetus to the world economy. The effects of crypto payments would snowball into a great upheaval which would sweep the whole world. Bytus kicks off the revolution by allowing individuals to indulge in crypto payment in their day to day transactions. Bytus is focused on creating an ecosystem by including multiple payment terminals. It makes its platform easily adaptable and acceptable by integrating utility tokens with a comprehensive network. This payment portal brings transparency, speed and synchronicity among the cryptos and fiats. Bytus will make an adaption of crypto payments easier for retail chains and will encourage more users to take up this technology.



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