The Bytus Wallet - What You Need to Know

By Altug Tatlisu


If you have been following the news recently, you probably have a clear idea about what’s happening in the world of cryptocurrency. Back in 2017, the crypto market rose to new heights. Bitcoin’s meteoric rise over the past year turned heads of investors and governments alike. Financial markets were affected, as people started taking their money out from their investments and mutual funds, and began to put all of that money into cryptocurrency. What was designed as a discreet, simple way of making transactions soon turned into an investment opportunity for millions of people? It didn’t take long for the market to boom, and plenty of other ICOs were held. A bunch of new coins were introduced, most of which were affected by Bitcoin’s financial position in the markets. There was a time when one Bitcoin was selling for an amount higher than $20,000. Naturally, many other coins were impacted as well, and prices rose sharply. A number of new crypto exchanges were opened as well, where people could trade different coins. Before you could begin trading, however, you had to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). The blockchain network became a viable solution for people who had to make payments and was widely used by people for sending money discreetly. The thing that worried governments and regulators was that every transaction was hidden and difficult to trace. By 2018, however, the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies had all but faded, and Bitcoin began to tank. Within a few months, Bitcoin tanked by more than 60%. So, how did Bytus find success in a world where all other cryptocurrencies are suffering so badly? At Bytus, we wanted to do something quite different, and that is why we came up with a plan to convert fiat money into cryptocurrency. With a Bytus Wallet, you can pay at more than a million different retailers and POS terminals all over the globe. The Bytus Wallet allows you to pay for your purchases with crypto currency using only your smartphone. With our Global Digital Payment System, we want to introduce real-world applications of crypto currencies, and how they can be used by people for simply making payments. The Bytus Wallet instantly converts crypto currency into fiat money, allowing you to instantly pay for things in the real world using only your Bytus Wallet. This revolutionary technology has allowed us to maintain profitability and grow in an increasingly demanding market. People no longer want to use paper cash in order to pay for things. Paying via mobile phone is so much easier and convenient. All it takes is a few seconds to scan a QR code and make the payment. With Bytus Tokens, you can make payments anywhere in the world. We are working closely with many retail chains and are constantly introducing new and improved options for customers so that they can use their Bytus Tokens anywhere they want.



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