What is Global Digital Payment ?

By Altug Tatlisu

Global Digital Payment, LLC was founded in March 2018. The company’s global mission to develop instant micropayment within cryptocurrency and convert it easily to FIAT.

Cryptocurrency has managed to confidently make space in our lives in a short span of time. Global companies are increasingly developing their entire e-commerce business on the Internet. That’s where the need for fast, easy and safe to use cryptocurrency arises to conveniently pay for any purchases and services.

Cryptocurrency remains complicated to implement, for reasons that begin with the nuances of the legalities involved, as well as the technical infrastructure needed.

The process of obtaining and exchanging cryptocurrency for FIAT is connected with third-party services that charge high fees, and whose security is not necessarily up to par.

That’s where Global Digital Payment comes in. We set ourselves the task of creating a convenient and safe infrastructure so that the Bytus Wallet users can conveniently utilize contactless payment through payment terminals and via the Internet using a QR code with an instant conversion of cryptocurrency into FIAT.

This will be a new step forward in the development of crypto payments. We have every opportunity to realize our mission.

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