Episode 14. Crypto markets insights & analysis

By bitRainbow


The Weekly Crypto Markets Insights Analysis Show Featuring the leading experts, executives thought leaders in the industry.

  • Nisa rounds up this week's news gets some words direct from the headline makers' mouths
  • Guilhem Chaumont is back to review the Bitcoin Options market
  • From dorm-room bitcoin hobbyist; to respected crypto-economics commentator; to co-founding data analytics firm, Coin Metrics co-founder, Nic Carters's never been far from forming an erudite opinion on Bitcoin and its possible future.
  • Bitcoin's hashrate implications and miner economics Sam Doctor, Chief Strategist, BitOoda
  • US Broker-Dealer, BitOoda, in partnership with Fidelity, recently released its comprehensive report on the state of the Bitcoin mining ecosystem.
  • For this week's review of on-chain data, we welcome James to explain the metrics ByteTree uses to monitor network activity and how that might indicate future price movements.



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