Coins and Skins

Coins and Skins

Superexchange for gaming digital assets powered by blockchain

By Mark Curchin

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81,9%* of internet users are actively playing games on different platforms and devices. Even so, Elon Musk launches his stream on from time to time. Gaming has become a mainstream hobby for many people. It connects people around the world, creates communities with common interests, and simply makes it more entertaining to spend your free time.

We find the gaming industry indeed fascinating and complex in its way. Combining all the impact it has on people around the world with Web3 technologies, blockchain technologies can find a new adoption path - through gamers. The team behind Coins and Skins understands the industry's potential and current problems any better. With more than 2 decades of experience in the gaming industry, they are building the next platform for exchanging in-game assets: A Gaming Superexchange. Because our mission very much aligns with the values of Coins and Skins, we decided to team up with them and help them build the backbone of their superexchange on the blockchain. Holdex was tasked to ensure the development and deployment of the $SKIN token that satisfies all current and future platform requirements leading to successful campaign preparation for the token presale and signup of the first gaming partnerships.


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