Proof of Attendance Protocol for secure events access

By Mark Curchin

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Wakame: a POAP for secured access to events and experiences around the world

Many blockchain projects struggle to have a real-world impact. Wakame dedicated their efforts to solving a real problem: the authenticity behind ticket sales. Together, we create a secure gateway for event organizers to sell tickets for real-world events or experiences. Tickets are represented by NFT tokens (ERC-725 and ERC-1155) with information about the event secured on IPFS. When tickets are purchased, the smart contracts process the transaction, mint, and transfer the NFT token to the buyer. The buyer can later resale their ticket with proof of authenticity on the blockchain.


Holdex x Wakame

Solving real-world problems is part of our manifesto , so building Wakame POAP (proof of attendance protocol) directly resonated with our vision for the future. The protocol focuses on 2 types of users: event organizers and buyers. While both could not be so familiar with blockchain terminology, our mission was to create a user experience and design that will be familiar already yet inviting into the world of NFT.

Collect by code

One of the protocol's coolest features is the organizer's ability to generate a unique 6-digit code and share it with their buyers or special attendees to collect the NFT ticket. The code is stored securely in the smart contracts and is unique to every event across the platform.

On the mobile application, the collect-by-code feature was extended with the possibility of scanning a QR code and claiming the NFT on the event site. All NFT tickets come in a limited number, allowing only people who attended the event to claim proof of attendance.

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