What is the best network firewall app?

By discipulus 🌞


I am trying to do research about how to make my online activity more private, and at the same time save some resources. I want to:

  1. Reduce network traffic when I am outside of my home wifi network. For example, when I use my phone as a hotspot or when I am connected to slow public networks.
  2. Save battery. If I use fewer network resources, the battery on my laptop will last longer. I don't always have an access to the grid when I am outside.
  3. Speed up my laptop. It will be less CPU used if I limit certain network connections of certain apps.

So far I have tried LuLu and Little Snitch . Little Snitch is wonderful, but it is not open source and my trial will be ending soon. While Lulu is free and open-source, it has some limitations and not so user friendly as Little Snitch.



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