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Grig Messenger™ is an ambitious project to produce a cutting-edge mobile platform providing highly secure messaging, translation payment capabilities. Unlike popular consumer messaging apps, Grig was built from the ground up to deliver the highest levels of security, privacy anonymity to ensure that your most sensitive conversations remain private.

Our goal is to deliver the first mobile platform offering an uncompromising level of Anonymity, Privacy, and Security as a Service (APSaaS), along with international communication payment that provide a user-friendly experience and help users avoid the increasingly widespread risks of cybertheft, identity theft, and corporate espionage from intercepted communications.

Grig Messenger is packed with advanced security and privacy features, and strives to meet and surpass defense-grade security requirements by employing our proprietary SwapWire™ end-to-end encryption technology, which emulates hardwired connections by running a channel switching protocol on top of a packet switching protocol.

Other SwapWire™ empowered innovations include 3-factor authentication (3FA™), funds transfer (Grig Pay™), and multi-language translation applications. We’ve taken every aspect of secure communication into consideration, and packed Grig Messenger with features such as: “over-the-shoulder” look protection, a chat window PIN-code lock, fake PIN message erasure, very private spaces, parental controls, and other features only found in Grig Messenger.

Our team is led by experienced cryptography and mobile security experts with proven a track record of successful projects and has been working hard on creating the friendliest and most secure messaging ecosystem available on the market today.

A free beta version of Grig Messenger for Android devices is available on Google Play, just type Grig Messenger in the search box.



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