Welcome to Completely Updated Grig Messenger

By Alex Guseff


Friends! We have released fundamental update packed with NEW and INNOVATIVE features such as Lock Mode, Public Mode, Share Grig and others. Feel free to download the App from Google Play and use use - It is truly the only Defense Grade Protection communication Medium on the Market today: Grig Messenger is a Defense Grade Security communication platform, designed to address and solve common and stagnant cyber-security challenges such as unauthorized key-logging recording, user identity disclosure, financial micro-transaction anonymity, cross-border convertibility issues and few others. By design, the Grig Messenger is the sandbox for other commercial applications software: 3-Factor Authentication, Tectum Hash-swapping Blockchain Engine and later on the Grig-Pay. The progress of every following development phase is guaranteed and funded by the success of the previous, creating a strong and organic multitier growth pattern with Grig Messenger leading the game and Tectum blockchain being the natural finish product, with chances to become strategical international database management and digital event formalization platform. It is important to understand that Grig and 3FA are not Tectum Blockchain based applications, rather they are share the same set of technological components: HashDrive, SwapWire and Hash Stacking, which, in fact, are the core Components of all three products.



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