A Simple Task To Get A Bounty

By Manon


Dear Holdex users,

I wanted to share with you one of the many tasks available on the HDE website. This one is about a new topic that we want to create on the Horizen Academy, about Open-Source Softwares.

The idea is to provide a structure similar to other topics on the Horizen Academy: https://academy.horizen.global/

Scope Submission Requirements The scope of this task is developing a structure for this new topic. It should include the following:

Chapters that articles are grouped in. The chapters should be consistent across the three levels. E.g. the first chapter for each level could be Why contribute to OSS?. The higher the level, the more articles can be included per chapter. (See our Content Overview Page to see how the other topics are structured) A list of articles per chapter A two-sentence description of each article's content We accept your contribution in different formats. One suggestion would be using a markdown document table (see example template below) but google sheet or any other lucid format is acceptable. A short description of each article should be provided below the structure overview.

More details on the task https://hde.horizen.global/task/654675145

Other tasks are available here: https://hde.horizen.global/tasks (more tech-oriented)



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