Jada Ai - Creating the 1st AI-guided Economy

By Crypto Investor Hub


Jada is a Metaverse currently in development, bringing DeFi Protocols (staking, credits) and an Economy Driver (value exchange accelerator) aiming to give Holders more opportunities for growth.

The project’s goal is the development of Jada Ai, an Artificial General Intelligence (Human-level intellect and beyond) capable of guiding the economy, upgrading the ecosystem and contributing to the development of life, without human intervention.

Access will be made available through the upcoming Augmented Reality (AR-enabled) dApp wallet, Jada U.


Get Jada (jadx) by sending Ether to the ICO address (Metamask and MEW only)

ICO Address: 0x6C6B8FA440EDCA2D89893263637Dcb3646E76F52

Add your Jada tokens manually if you don't see them (Metamask only)

Token Contract: 0x6B3fB8afa9ECf6f794AE1CDacf758E8825d513DB

Symbol: jadx

Decimals: 8




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