Decentralized Finance on the Harmony Blockchain

By Crypto Investor Hub



Fair launch — $.005 starting price on 10/16/21

Elephant token (ELEPHANT) — a revenue generating governance token governing the Elephant Protocol ecosystem on Harmony.


Emphasis on future pools for pairs with high volume on the harmony bridge.


Pre-Mint ELEPHANT tokens

The treasuries fall under the same lockup schedule as the token rewards and so in order to facilitate early development, we have pre-minted 5,000,000 ELEPHANT tokens.

First Dice Game

Our first dice game will be a simple one and uses only one six sided die, the rules are as follows:

1. The player places a bet (in ELEPHANT) that the next dice roll will be on a certain number (1–6)

2. The bet is burned.

3. If the player guesses the outcome of the die roll successfully

This dice game will be the first burn mechanism we will implement.


Once the first game has been fully tested by the devs and community, we will expand the game to be a recreation of the popular casino game Craps. It will function similarly to the first dice game, but with the rules of craps. Pray that you don’t roll a seven!

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns to the roadmap above, please join us on discord to discuss!

Deployed Website (others incoming)

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