Jarvis Exchange interface bugs

By 0x37...FEA


Hi, I saw the announcement the other day about the new interface for Jarvis Exchange and decided to give it a ride, who knows, maybe I get lower fees. I noticed some #bugs that I think you should be aware of:

  1. #bug in the top navigation. Screenshot Because of this issue, some elements from the top that are visible, are not even clickable.
  2. Another #bug, when choosing different assets and changing the tabs, nothing is happening. It feels like the application is broken.
  3. #bug when changing the network back from Test to Main after dismissing the pop-up. The application doesn't refresh automatically and is blocked in infinite loading
  4. There is also a #bug with buttons clarity after switching between themes. This is how they become Screenshot

If there is a reward for the effort, I will appreciate it. Either way, happy to contribute with #bughunting



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