Actuarial Advisor

We are looking for advisor with actuarial experience to help developers design a natural disaster insurance models.

By Vadim

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A promising blockchain-powered insurance startup is looking for a proactive, hands-on, and visionary advisor with actuarial experience to help developers design a natural disaster insurance model.

About the Product

A DAO-managed insurance protocol is being designed to make it easy to get natural disaster insurance and participate as an investor on the other side. You can get insurance coverage with a single click, invest, participate in protocol governance, receive rewards as a data validator and become an insurance reseller. All you need is a Metamask or web3 wallet.

What Are We Looking For?

A Must

  • you know how to get along with people
  • you have a deep understanding and experience designing insurance models
  • self-reliance, initiative, and activity
  • you can work quickly and efficiently

Bonus Points

  • you speak the same language as IT specialists
  • you’re into crypto and have a desire to dive deeply into Web3

What Will You Do?

  • design insurance models
  • advise the team on implementation

Why Apply?

  • Flexible schedule : work around your current schedule. We’re open to as much time you have to commit to this project.
  • Work from home : our team works remotely across time zones. If you’re also a digital wanderer, you’ll fit right in.
  • Creative culture : Our team has experience in the insurance industry as well as other professional practices. We know how crushing it can be to work in areas where creative input is not only ignored but also discouraged. By nature, we are calculated risk-takers staking our flag in a nascent industry (you would know, you’re the actuary). It will take ideas and sweat to get there. We hope you can join us for the ride.

How to Apply?

Complete the job application here:


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