Developer Relations (DevRel)

Become the voice of a web3 community in top DeFi protocol

By Mark Curchin

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The company is fully remote and looking for Developer Relations (DevRel) candidates in the UTC+5 time zone ± 5 hours. This DevRel role is a full-time employment position, but part-time is also an option.

The Role of DevRel

It is all about scaling our developer relations efforts. Since DevRel is a broad topic, you will find yourself working on creating and maintaining our public documentation, collecting and organizing feedback from the community, kickstarting partnerships and much more. The plan and tactics are up to you but make sure they are aligned with our objective to build the product our users love!

In this role you will:

  • Become the voice of our community. Make yourself known in the community. Capture important feedback and insights for our development team. Find new ways to engage with the community.
  • Take responsibility as an expert. Lead by example, understand all the aspects of our product and contribute top-notch practices to set the quality bar higher. Manage open issues pushed by the community, convert the knowledge into documentation and ensure the end-to-end results.
  • Grow our community. Inspire the community with demos, blog posts, tutorials and other content. Write and share changelog entries via social media channels.
  • Scout new contributors. As a part of our growth, we need your help in identifying and scouting new developers and bounty hunters.

Hard Requirements

Main considerations for a perfect match candidate are:

  • You are a leader and great communicator and know your audience (developers). You have several years of experience in building developer communities. You also have a toolkit of methods and practices you can implement in our company.
  • You have a strong understanding of technical communities. You have empathy for developers’ challenges and you’ve been through them yourself multiple times.
  • You are an expert in modern dev-stack. You built complex apps before and you understand what it means to work within a framework.

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Our partners are pushing blockchain and crypto adoption along with us. If you believe in the idea of decentralization and you want to voice it to a community of like-minded people then we would like to know you better.

Developer Relations Explained

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