Full-stack designer

Full-stack designer required to join a top DeFi protocol

By Mark Curchin


Our partners help accelerate the blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption along with us. If you believe in the idea of decentralization and you consider yourself to be a professional who is passionate about building for people, an active team player who loves to co-create and takes pride in delivering results then we’re happy to talk with you.

We're a fully remote company and looking for candidates in the UTC+5 time zone ± 5 hours. This is a full-time employment position, but part-time is also an option.

In this role you will

  • Build along our team. Deliver working design and code that is easy to integrate and maintain in the overall product. It is all about team spirit and collaboration oriented attitude.
  • Enhance existing features. Observe the feedback, work with a team member to come up with a solution and ship it.
  • Improve performance and care about quality. Your results impact the whole team up to the user. Listen to feedback , everything you are working on, make every interaction feel snappy.
  • Co-own the product. We work in a self organised manner based on few principles (less is more).
  • Care about team values. We strongly believe in our vision and our team’s core values. These values help us to align with and eventually enjoy the process. A good understanding of a positive interdependence and being a team player is a must.
  • Wear many hats. Our team is still growing and we’re trying to help each other. You might need to design a pop-up, update values in a Svelte.JS file or fix the CSS of the input fields error state.

Hard requirements

Main considerations for us when looking for a perfect match are:

  • Proficient with Figma/Framer (very proficient). You have several years of experience with designing UX/UI shipped to real users.
  • You’re ready to own a task end-to-end. When there is a new idea in the pipeline, you are involved in transforming the UX into UI and then into a real website.
  • You have a strong understanding of user experience. You can analyse the flaws of a design from the analytical reports and re-work a better solution.

Our stack

  • Our code is running in serverless environment (Mongo Realm and Vercel)
  • Our source of truth DB is the blockchain itself. We query the data via GraphQL which is provided by The Graph (event sourcing tool for EVM chains).
  • Front-end javascript framework: We use SvelteKit (Sapper).
  • Modern work tools for everything else: GItHub for source control, Figma and Framer for pixels, Google Chat for internal communication and few others

How to apply

Apply to this job by completing the form below. Now that you know about us, we’d like to learn more about you.

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