Full-Stack Designer

Full-stack designer required to join a top DeFi protocol

By Mark Curchin

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This full-stack designer job opportunity is about building and implementing interfaces which help to accelerate blockchain adoption. So if you believe in the idea of decentralization and you are passionate about creating software for people, we would like to know you.

We are a fully remote collective of professionals, and we are looking for talented individuals to join our team. This is a full-time position, but part-time is also an option.

In a full-Stack Designer Role, You Will

  1. Design and implement UI from scratch, and enhance existing features. You must be good in both UX/UI and HTML/CSS.
  2. Co-own the product. We work in a self-organized manner based on a few operational principles (less is more) and team values. Everything you produce should be easy to integrate and maintain. It is all about team spirit and collaboration oriented attitude.
  3. Wear many hats. Our team is still growing and we are trying many different things. You need to be flexible and cross-functional enough.

Hard Requirements

The primary hard and soft skills we are looking for are:

  1. Figma or Framer proficiency. You were born using web design tools.
  2. Highly organized and self-motivated. You don’t require a manager to remind you of things.
  3. Strong understanding of user experience. You can analyze the flaws of a design from the analytical reports and re-work a better solution.

Our Stack

We strive to be efficient, so we choose the instruments accordingly:

  • We run our SvelteKit app in the serverless environment (i.e: Vercel);
  • Our source of truth database is the blockchain and we query data with GraphQL provided by The Graph (events sourcing tool for EVM chains);
  • GitHub for product management, Figma and Framer for pixels, Google Chat for chatting, and a few others.

How to Apply

We’d like to learn more about you now that you know about us. Apply for this job by completing the form below.

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Watch this video for inspiration:

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