Full-Stack Web3 Developer

Open position for experienced Javascript and Solidity developer

By Vadim

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If you believe in the idea of decentralization and you consider yourself to be a professional coder who enjoys hacking complex problems, being an active member in team settings, and taking pride in delivering results, please apply for a full-stack web3 developer position.


Collaborate with peers and deliver working code that is easy to integrate and maintain in the overall product.

Hard Requirements

The main consideration for us when looking for a perfect match is your experience with the following technologies:

  • Javascript - very efficient
  • Solidity - efficient

Tools We Use

A sneak peek into our process and tools.

  • Our code is running in a serverless environment (Mongo Realm and Vercel)
  • Our source of truth DB is the blockchain itself. We query the data via GraphQL which is provided by The Graph (event sourcing tool for EVM chains).
  • Our dApp app is built using SvelteKit (Sapper).


It is all about team spirit and a collaboration-oriented attitude.

We work in a self-organised manner based on a few principles (less is more).

We strongly believe in our vision and our team’s core values. These values help us to align with and eventually enjoy the process. A good understanding of positive interdependence and being a team player is a must.

How to Apply

If you feel excited about the opportunity to decentralize the financial sector and become a full-stack team member, please apply:

#job #fullstack

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you on discussing potential projects, intriguing ideas, and new opportunities.