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Skilful Python Engineer wanted to build decentralized financial systems

By Mark Curchin

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We are looking for a Python engineer to help us propel our mission. If you have a burning desire to be part of the web3 decentralization movement, you enjoy solving complex challenges around big numbers and financial data, and you translate your ideas into beautiful Python code, this offer is for you.

In this role, you will

  • Build complete web3 applications. Collaborate with peers and solve business problems using your technical abilities. You’ll be responsible for rolling out features, reviewing code, gathering feedback, and enhancing existing products.
  • Act as a leader and work self-directed. Our culture plays a big role in our success. Thus our engineers never wait for tasks to work, instead, everyone is useful and contributes to achieving the goals.
  • Master the product knowledge and collaborate. You will have to read documentation, be the user of what you build, and delve into the business processes of our customers. There is a lot of professional and business knowledge that you will have to acquire as you go, without which you won’t be able to provide solutions.
  • Grow professionally and amplify your voice. We have brilliant engineers in our team ready to support you along the journey. But if you are already experienced, we are eager to learn new things from you as well. We have outlined a framework for growth and compensation to praise and reward the people who contribute to our growth.

We prioritize developer experience, humane relations with the team, and a professional attitude toward the job. In exchange, we offer a lot to our engineers, both professionally and beyond compensation.

Hard Requirements

  • Advanced proficiency with Python. Professional experience with Python, and Python frameworks with a strong emphasis on systems design and architecture.
  • Advanced knowledge of database design, distributed systems, and cloud platforms. A proven track record of developing and maintaining large-scale applications.
  • Able to work asynchronously and self-directed. Be able to clearly express and document your ideas, questions, and solutions. Define and plan your work to help us achieve our goals. Take ownership of your tasks and execute their delivery on time. Communicate when things go wrong and make sure everyone involved is aware of it.

How to Apply

We’re not looking for a typical CV or overly formal cover letter. Instead, share real stories about your experiences, interests, previous projects, and your achievements.

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We’d love to hear from you on discussing potential projects, intriguing ideas, and new opportunities.