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Create eye-catching interfaces and UX that clicks

By Mark Curchin

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We are on a mission to accelerate blockchain adoption, and we are hunting for a full-time UX/UI designer to join a fully remote team.

When it comes to designing end-user interfaces it is all about being a creative and organized individual who can identify and solve problems. We work in a self-organized manner and we are able to build our task pipeline that aligns with the higher-level goals.


  • Quickly compile wireframes. You will identify and translate problems into solutions by quickly iterating over UX/UI sketches in Whimsical .
  • Design scalable and aesthetic interface. As a key product design player, you will create final design assets in Figma and collaborate with the code contributors in Github.
  • Co-own the product. You must be a user of the final product and make sure it looks and works as intended.

If you have coding experience, you may consider a full-stack designer role instead.

Hard Requirements

The main considerations for a perfect match are:

  1. Attitude and personal drive. We strongly believe in our vision and our team’s core values. These values help us to align and eventually enjoy the process. A good understanding of positive interdependence is a must.
  2. You are a web3 user. You should be already a user of web3 apps.
  3. Experience and skills. You have been designing aesthetic user interfaces already for a while.

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