UX/UI Designer

Create eye-catching interfaces and UX that clicks

By Mark Curchin


Our fast growing partners who help us accelerate the blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption are expanding their user experience team. We are looking for a creative individual who is ready to be challenged with web3 adoption.

When it comes to design, we are looking for experienced people who can pick a problem and solve it themselves.

We're a fully remote company and looking for candidates in the UTC+5 time zone ± 5 hours. This is a full-time employment position.

In this role you will

  • Create eye-catching visuals and UX flows along our team. Contribute to the overall product and design direction of the whole company. Prepare design assets, think through user flows and collaborate with engineers. Follow-up on the implementation to ensure the attention to details.
  • Co-own the product. You are able to identify the flaws in the product, listen to user feedback and come up with a proper solution. You care about the small details. We work in a self organised manner and are able to build our task pipeline that align with the higher goals.

Hard requirements

Main considerations for us when looking for a perfect match are:

  • Proficient with Figma/Framer (very proficient). You have several years of experience with designing UX/UI shipped to real users.
  • You have a strong understanding of user experience. You can analyse the flaws of a design from the analytical reports and re-work a better solution.
  • Care about team values. We strongly believe in our vision and our team’s core values. These values help us to align and eventually enjoy the process. A good understanding of a positive interdependence and being a team player is a must.

Our stack

  • For UX flows we’re a big fan of Whimsical. But, if you’re doing it in Figma too, that’s also good.
  • We use Figma to make things pixel perfect. But sometimes we can switch to Framer for specific work.
  • Modern work tools for everything else: GitHub and Google Workspace (Chat, Docs, etc) for internal communication.

How to apply

Apply to this job by completing the form below. Now that you know about us, we’d like to learn more about you.

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