Our team's leave and days off policy

By Mark Curchin

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Every team member benefits from a standard PTO (paid time off) allowance outlined below. The policy comes into force after 6 months of collaboration. Leaves requested before the 6 months period are unpaid. Any days off outside of the PTO allowance are unpaid.

PTO allowance

🎄 Holidays3Paid in full. See the list below.
🤒 Sick days7Paid in full.
🏖️ Personal days4Paid in full. Additional days unpaid.

🎄 Holidays

  • Christmas Day
  • New Years' Day
  • Easter Day

If these Holidays are not part of your culture & traditions, let us know. We can add an exception for you and replace any of the days from the list.

❓ Frequent questions

Q: Will my unused vacation days carry over to the following year?

A: Unused days can be carried over into the following year. While we encourage you to get out of the office and refresh, we won't penalize you for showing up to work.

Q: If I leave the company, will I be compensated for unused days?

A: Yes. You will receive a check compensating you for any unused personal days. Sick days and holidays will not be reimbursed.

compensation = monthlyRate * (unusedPtoDays / totalPtoDays)

Requesting time off

Note: All requests should be submitted two weeks before time off. Otherwise, your request might be rejected. Days off are requested through GitHub issues.

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