Four new Snapshot polls open for voting!

By Derek E. Silva


Proposals now open for voting

These polls now open for MTA Governors to vote on at !

Should SAVE be made composable?

It is proposed that mStable's SAVE functionality be amended to make it more composable. These improvements are detailed in MIP-5, and grouped across three broad categories: tokenising the “Savings Credit”, enhancing capital efficiency by depositing a percentage of SAVE deposits elsewhere in the DeFi ecosystem, and providing an imUSD deposit box, a place where long term savers can store their imUSD and earn MTA.

imUSD Deposit Box - Where does the MTA come from and how much should be allocated?

There has been clear consensus from the community that a reduction in MTA emissions is in the best interests of the project, and that existing EARN pools and their MTA allocations need to be revisited to ensure they are properly aligned. Given this information, the genesis team proposes the gradual winding down of the USDC 50/mUSD 50 EARN pool, re-allocating a portion of these MTA to the imUSD Deposit box.

imUSD Deposit Box - Length of Lockup and Vesting Schedule

mStable's genesis team proposes that 20% of MTA earned by Savers be available immediately, and that the other 80% be locked for a period of time. The genesis team also proposes that the 80% of MTA earned be locked for a period of 6 months, at which point Savers can claim and withdraw them.

Should mStable fund an educational campaign?

A proposal to conduct an educational campaign covering the basic actions users can perform on mStable's apps. This would be conducted on RabbitHole to help bring new users to mStable by educating them on mStable's fundamentals. In exchange for verifiably performing certain operations on the mStable apps, users will be rewarded MTA.



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