500GAS Airdrop O3 Wallet -GET READY FOR 🦩 Flamingo

By sophy


📌 Flash Airdrop - 500 NEO GAS

[est. $1000]

GET READY FOR 🦩 Flamingo

📣 Attention O3 Community,

The team at O3 is pleased to announce our support of the upcoming Flamingo ‘Mint Rush’!

Please Download the O3 Wallet 👉 Desktop version to prepare for the Flamingo Defi Protocol!

(⚠️ Only the desktop version of O3 is compatible with Flamingo at this time. Windows 10, MacOS, or Linux - mobile coming soon)

Official O3 website: http://o3.network/

Time Period: 21st - 25th Sept. 2020

🤷🏻‍♀️ How to participate? 🤷🏾‍♂️


▫️1. Join O3 Community (https://t.me/O3Community )

▫️2. Download new O3 Wallet (http://o3.network/ )

▫️3. Invite Friends to join O3 Community to get 1 more GAS

(Maximum 1 GAS for invitations)

▫️4. PM Admin to get ‘O3 Wallet Airdrop’ Form. Form is required for reward claiming.

After form is filed you are all set.

We appreciate your patience!!

Admin: u/AlexanderCM u/CaroLineO3WALLET u/victoryxh u/SophyO3Wallet u/Doom990 u/Miguel_Vilas_Boas

(If you did not receive reply from admin, please be patient. We need rest from time to time. Distribution won’t occur until the 25th at the earliest, so there’s still some time.)

500 GAS is TOTAL amount. (Distributed evenly amongst all entrants)

🚫Not 500 GAS each🚫

*Final interpretation is owned by O3 Labs.



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