Airdrop 500 GAS - O3 Wallet Telegram! Flamingo 🦩

By Alexander DiGirolamo

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📌 Flash Airdrop - 500 NEO GAS

                [est. $1000] 

GET READY FOR 🦩 Flamingo

📣 Attention O3 Community,

The team at O3 is pleased to announce our support of the upcoming Flamingo ‘Mint Rush’!

Please Download the O3 Wallet 👉 Desktop version to prepare for the Flamingo Defi Protocol!

(⚠️ Only the desktop version of O3 is compatible with Flamingo at this time. Windows 10, MacOS, or Linux - mobile coming soon)

Time Period: 21st - 25th Sept. 2020

🤷🏻‍♀️ How to participate? 🤷🏾‍♂️


▫️1. Join O3 Community ( )

▫️2. Download new O3 Wallet ( )

▫️3. Add Friends to the O3 Community to get 1 more GAS (Maximum 1 GAS for invitations)

▫️4. PM Admin to get ‘O3 Wallet Airdrop’ Form. Form is required for reward claiming.

*<em>After form is filed you are all set. We appreciate your patience!! *</em> Admin:

(If you did not receive reply from admin, please be patient.)

500 GAS will be Distributed evenly amongst all entrants.

 🚫Not 500 each

*Final determination made by O3 Labs.

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