AMA O3 Wallet

By trungngo1010


How did you build an ecosystem of users, partners, and content creators, bringing best-in-class digital services to emerging markets?

My question to the O3 Wallet , how do they intend to make their services accessible and usable in emerging markets and economies seeing? How these economies hold several untapped resources?

ls O3 Wallet easy to use to people who is just getting into crypto? What are the most interesting feature of O3 Wallet that makes encourage everyone to start using 03Wallet?

What are the advantages of O3 Wallet from other decentralized wallets? And why do holders and investors need to use O3 Wallet to hold their assets rather than other wallets?

DeFi is growing rapidly, O3 Wallet as a wallet provider, do you think you have a role to play? What possibly can be the usefulness of wallets in the development and adoption of DeFi?

PokaDEPFI is expected to dominate the second half of the year. As one of the non-custodial wallet that strives to continously deliver innovations, what benefits and innovation does O3 Wallet bring to the Polkadot ecosystem?

What is your project’s main target of O3 Wallet in this year 2020? and what your VISION and MISSION is in O3 Wallet Marketing?

What is the partnership of O3 and Does it have value for 2 projects?



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