O3 Xmas Airdrop - 1000 GAS Prize Pool

By Alexander DiGirolamo


☃️ 1000 GAS Xmas Airdrop ☃️


👏Invite your friends to join the O3 Telegram Community.

▫For Every qualified referral that joins, you will receive 1 GAS reward.

🌟Rewards: 1 referral = 1 GAS 🌟No maximum cap. 🌟3 referrals required to claim the gas. 🌟The more friends you invite, the more GAS you will receive.


To Qualify for the GAS reward: ▫️Referred friends should be active O3 Wallet users. ▫️Referred friends MUST hold at least 10NEO or 10000SWTH in the provided O3 Wallet address before 24:00UTC on 12/23/2020. ▫️Inviters can PM Caroline with the QR codes of their friend’s O3 Wallet for verification.

⏰ ENDS: when 1000 GAS is claimed and the rewards are exhausted.

**LINK to OUR telegram https://t.me/o3.community Join here ^ to participate!!

**O3 Wallet is Available for download in the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, the Windows App Store, or directly from our website O3.network!


*Also, to ensure you're always up to date with the latest news and features of this platform, be sure to join the Holdex.io Telegram group as well. https://t.me/holdex



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