O3Wallet - Bug Bounty Competition! 🐛🐞 NEO-GAS Rewards

By Alexander DiGirolamo

The New O3 Wallet - Open Beta 🐞Bug-Bounty Competition 🐛

Earn NEO-GAS 🆖 for bug reports! ie. spelling errors, broken links, graphical or technical errors, etc.

Download the wallet from:


Available on Windows 10, Android, Linux, and iOS TestFlight.

When You Find Some Bugs/errors, join our Telegram group:


And report your findings to our community admins: or

If your report checks out then you’ll receive some NEO GAS rewards. Up to 10 GAS total!!

Any questions, feel free to ask or join in the action!! 🕷🐛🐞🕵🏻‍♂️👩🏽‍💻🙋

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