Crypto meets the metaverse: implications for privacy

By Derek E. Silva

What is the Internet for?

The Internet is many different things to many different people. For some, it is a place to seek out information; for others, it is a place to visit with friends and family across vast distances. The Internet is a workplace; it is a source of entertainment and experiences. It is a source of connection -- and division.

The Internet is, at its core, a collection of virtual spaces -- spaces so vast, so full of people and ideas that they are more like virtual worlds. Around the world, life is increasingly spent in a combination of the physical world and the Internet's virtual environments.

Because of this, many believe that we are moving closer to realizing the "metaverse," a virtual universe parallel to, and integrated with, the physical world. As we approach this point, important questions are arising about how best to construct a virtual realm that is economically and experientially linked to the real world.

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