Baby PengolinCoin (BPGO)

By PengolinCoin

The PGO team would like to introduce the charity token arm of PengolinCoin, we call it Baby PengolinCoin, a hyper-deflationary token. Take a look! Our mission and use case is to provide the world with a cryptocurrency that will appreciate and provide passive income to holders, but also offers the ability to support a pangolin and other endangered animal charities. Baby PengolinCoin achieves both these goals. First, by implementing the highest dedicated charity tax of any other token. Secondly, with buybacks, burns and reflections on every transaction. Furthermore, Baby PengolinCoin protects its investors with anti-whale mechanisms. Finally, Baby PengolinCoin is partnered with and supported by PengolinCoin. Baby PengolinCoin has the resources of two projects instead of just one. We have made a channel for it baby-pengolincoin and will post info. and chat about it there. Stay tuned for pre-sale and public sale information!

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