New PengolinCoin Partners and Mobile Wallet!

By PengolinCoin

Since PengolinCoin has become Proof of Stake (PoS) it already has several new partners. PengolinCoin has partnered with Shared Masternode Trittium Blockchain Infinity Zcore and listed on masternide tracking site, Pecunia! We are always looking for new partners so stay tuned! The PengolinCoin community wanted a mobile app they could hot stake their coins on and the PengolinCoin team listened! PENGOLINCOIN -PGO- is now available on the Trittium Mobile apps. IOS and Android access are ready!!!! Also PGO STAKES FOR FREE at the trttNodes wallet! Links to wallets: IOS: Android: Finally, the PengolinCoin team had two successful AMA (ask me anything) sessions. One with Bkex Exchange and one with BlockChain Infinity. The recap of the Blockchain Infinity AMA will be posted on their Medium account. More AMAs are planned! Stay tuned for more news and announcements on PengolinCoin’s Discord Server

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