PengolinCoin Project Update!

By PengolinCoin


Hello my fellow Pengolonians! Wow! A lot has been going on with PengolinCoin, it’s hard to keep up! The PengolinCoin team has just finished another successful AMA with BCCore. The team plans on doing more AMAs so stay tuned! PengolinCoin had its second Youtube Crypto Influencer video done by Xperts Studio! Xperts Studio has over 37,000 subscribers and as of the writing of this video, 3,700 people have watched the PengolinCoin video! The team hopes that more Crypto Influencers will see how great our project is! We expect they will and PengolinCoin will get more exposure to the masses. Finally, PengolinCoin can now be used at the Crypto Marketplace PengolinCoin is now accepted as a payment option at the Crypto Marketplace! Buy gift cards (For use on USA websites) from Home Depot, Best Buy, Dominos Pizza, Starbucks, Amazon and many more with your PengolinCoins! Crypto Market place joins online casino as PengolinCoin’s second use case! As you can see, PengolinCoin is growing! Our motto is, “If you’re not moving, you’re not growing!” The team is always working hard behind the scenes to grow PengolinCoin. We can’t do it alone though, we also lean on our great, supportive community for help. Come and join us in Telegram or Discord, the links are located on our site, We look forward to seeing you there!



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