🤑 Pillar Wallet launches Liquidity Mining Program

By romana


✨ Our liquidity mining program is one of the major initiatives we are spearheading to decentralize governance of the Pillar Smart Wallet, making it the first-ever truly community-owned wallet.

📈 Participants will earn governance weight over the Pillar DeFi Wallet… and the incentive structure means less risk and more rewards for PLR token holders.

🤝 The Pillar Foundation is providing a 1:1 match for the net outflow of PLR tokens of early participants. If a liquidity provider’s PLR balance goes down over the first week, the Pillar Foundation gives these tokens back in order to move the PLR balance back to the initial one.

💰 That means you’ll have the same number of PLR... and more ETH. In other words, we’ve temporarily eliminated the risks associated with liquidity mining.

🚀 The more liquidity you provide, and the longer you are in the pool, the higher your rewards.

Learn more and join the mission! 👇




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