Antibody Drug Conjugates Market 2021 Analysis by 2030

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<b>Roots Analysis is pleased to announce the publication of its recent study, titled, “</b>Antibody Drug Conjugates Market , 2021-2030.”

<b>The report features an extensive study of the current market landscape, offering an informed opinion on the likely adoption of these therapeutics over the next decade. It features an in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of various stakeholders engaged in this domain. In addition to other elements, the study includes:</b>

· A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of ADCs.

· Elaborate profiles of the clinical stage companies (shortlisted based on phase of development of the lead drug) and their respective product portfolios.

· An analysis of the most commonly targeted therapeutic indications and details of ADC candidates being developed against them, highlighting key epidemiological facts about the diseases and currently available treatment options, other than ADCs.

· A list of key opinion leaders (KOLs) within this domain.

· An insightful competitiveness analysis of biological targets.

· An analysis of the partnerships that have been established in the recent past.

· An analysis of the investments made.

· A study of the various grants that have been awarded to research institutes engaged in projects related to ADCs, between 2011 and 2019 (till April).

· An elaborate discussion on the various strategies that can be adopted by the drug developers across key commercialization stages, namely prior to product launch, during / post launch.

· An analysis of the key promotional strategies that have been adopted by the developers of marketed products.

· An assessment of the various therapeutics that are being evaluated in combination with ADCs.

· A review of the evolution of ADC conjugation technologies.

· An overview of the studies conducted to better analyze non-clinical data and support first-in-human (FIH) dose selection in ADCs.

· An elaborate discussion on various factors that form the basis for the pricing of ADC products.

· A case study on manufacturing of ADCs, highlighting the key challenges, and a list of contract service providers that are involved in this domain.

· A case study on companies offering companion diagnostics.

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<b>A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of the current and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listed below) </b>

<b>Type of payload</b>


· DM4

· Camptothecin

· AM1


<b>Type of linker</b>

· VC

· Sulfo-SPDB


· VA

· Hydrazone linker

· Others

<b>Target Indications</b>

· Breast Cancer

· Lymphoma

· Leukemia

· Urothelial cancer

· Lung cancer

· Ovaria cancer

· Others

<b>Target Antigen</b>

· CD30

· HER2

· CD22

· CD33

· Others

· Small Molecule

<b>Technology Providers</b>

· Seattle Genetics

· ImmunoGen

· StemCentRx

· Immunomedics

· Others

<b>Key Geographies</b>

· North America

· Europe

· Asia Pacific

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<b>Transcripts of interviews held with the following senior level representatives of stakeholder companies:</b>

· Alan Burnett (Professor, School of Medicine, Cardiff University)

· Aldo Braca (President and Chief Executive Officer) and Giorgio Salciarini (Technical Business Development Senior Manager, BSP Pharmaceuticals)

· Anthony DeBoer (Director, Business Development, Synaffix)

· Christian Bailly (Director of CDMO, Pierre Fabre)

· Christian Rohlff, (Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Oxford BioTherapeutics)

· Denis Angioletti (Chief Commercial Officer, Cerbios-Pharma)

· John Burt (Chief Executive Officer, Abzena)

· Jennifer L. Mitcham (Director, SMARTag ADCs and Bioconjugates) and Stacy McDonald (Group Product Manager, Catalent Pharma Solutions)

· Laurent Ducry (Head of Bioconjugates Commercial Development, Lonza)

· Mark Wright (Site Head, Piramal Healthcare)

· Sasha Koniev (Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder, Syndivia)

· Tatsuya Okuzumi (Associate General Manager, Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services)

· Toshimitsu Uenaka (Executive Director) and Takashi Owa (Chief Innovation Officer, Eisai)

· Wouter Verhoeven (Chief Business Officer, NBE-Therapeutics)

<b>Key companies covered in the report</b>

· Bristol Myers Squibb

· AbbVie

· Astellas Pharma

· AstraZeneca

· Daiichi Sankyo

· Pfizer

· Roche / Genentech

· Synthon

· Bayer HealthCare

· Biotest Pharmaceuticals

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