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By bonijid693


The prime motivator for growth in any system is profit. If a system is unprofitable, then it is unsustainable. This places charities in the unfortunate situation of being dependent on the whim of profitable systems to survive. Monetary incentivization lays a heavy blow, and charities have to modify themselves to continue to attract funding. Simian Finance is the first project to simultaneously reward investors and charities.

Key points: Locked liquidity and burned contract ownership Currently sitting at $500k MC - primed for new buyers to establish early equity position 5MM circ supply 5% redistribution on every trx benefits all hodlers proportional to the size of their SIFI balance Burn wallet holds roughly 1% of circ supply and trade volume acts as a deflationary mechanism - as the burn wallet receives distributions, the circ supply decreases. Primate Conservation Charities hold active balances and benefit from trade volume Team works with charity to adopt orangutans and mint NFTs for giveaways, auctions, future charity drives NFT Giveaway active on Twitter now - giving away 4 of 13 adopted ape NFTs Meme contest launching soon on Twitter with big SIFI payout

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