Bridge updates...

By Mika Lindqvist

Code cleanup continues on ETH-TLO bridge... We will keep the bridge on Rinkeby testnet as long as is required for testing all the code that will use the contract. When the bridge wallet on mainnet has enough balance, we can start another instance of the bridge with separate Talleo wallet so people can't withdraw same tokens twice, once from Rinkeby and once from mainnet contract.

Skeleton code of TRX-TLO bridge has been uploaded to GitHub... We will start testing it after the latest contract has been deployed on Nile testnet... We will keep the bridge on testnet as long as is needed for testing. When we think the code is ready for mainnet, we will publish TRX wallet address that will be used for the bridge. When that wallet address has enough balance, we will launch copy of the bridge on Tron mainnet.

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