NetBSD support for command-line binaries

By Mika Lindqvist

We have started adding support for development version of NetBSD (tested with NetBSD 9.99.96). NetBSD 9.2 and older are not supported due to broken kqueue support. kqueue is event handling mechanism used to communicate between kernel, and different threads and fibers of the Talleo binaries.

MiniUPnPc installed using pkg_add will cause Talleod to crash, so we updated the bundled copy to include patches so it can be compiled with NetBSD.

Build requires following packages to be installed using pkg_add:

* cmake

* git, openssl and mozilla-rootcerts-openssl

* boost

pkg_add doesn't install all package dependencies automatically, so all listed packages have to be explicitly specified.

It is also necessary to manually set "CC" and "ASM" environment variables to "gcc", and "CXX" environment variable to "g++" due to cmake not detecting correct compiler version when using "cc" and "c++", causing certain harmless compiler warnings to be treated as errors.

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