Talleo Project planning to move 2 bridges to mainnet...

By Mika Lindqvist

Talleo Project is planning to move Tron and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) bridges to mainnet...

Starting from November 15th, Talleo Project is selling 2 million tokens for each chain on presale terms. Tokens will be available after enough tokens have been reserved to deploy the contract.

Presale event will end when all tokens have been reserved or at the latest on February 28th, 2022. If not enough tokens have been sold, next presale event will start on March 1st, 2022 with adjusted prices.

For Tron-based wrapped token, the exchange rate will be 0.00091000 TRX/token with minimum of 1000 tokens.

For Binance Smart Chain-based token, the exchange rate will be 0.00000014 BNB/token with minimum of 1000 tokens.All tokens will be distributed after the contract has been deployed to the same address that was used to send the reserve amount. All purchases are non-refundable.

All tokens can be exchanged with TLO after the bridges are online.

The tokens will be added to major decentralized exchanges if enough coins are remaining to create adequate sized liquidity pool(s). Any coins sent after end of last presale event will be added to either liquidity pools or bridge wallet to cover transaction fees.

Tron: TSpGi9gozxXWky6GT2Bpzh6zA7nrxjxm74

BSC: 0x08d61733EBBC64Ab90cf57861Cc8aADD89A5a426

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