Red Flags 🚩🚩🚩

By Alexander DiGirolamo


The terms and conditions state they any user in a dispute must be able to respond within 6 hours of the dispute or the escrow may be awarded to the other party.

@jorgefranciscoherrera I read your plea the other day when you first posted the info. I did some research briefly on ThinkBitcoins and reported this to Holdex so that they could also apply pressure for them to resolve this. The length of time without contact, since May 18th As you stated, is Totally unacceptable and is an egregious violation of their own policy and T’s.

After researching a bit further. There are numerous red flags 🚩 that lead me to believe that you have been scammed by this website.<br/>▪️1. They have no official headquarters, or even an office address listed anywhere on their site. It just says “Kuala Lumpur Malaysia”. Any legitimate p2p site would have an official address listed. Transparency is obviously not a priority. ▪️2. There is no phone number listed. Anywhere. There is a spot on the contact us Page where the number should be - it has been left blank. Communicating with their users is obviously not a priority. ▪️3. Domain was registered only a couple of weeks before the site went live. So they registered this domain and then build a platform on top which is planning on storing many users bitcoin and lots of transactions/escrow. Less than one month of time - is not nearly long enough to build this platform and test it appropriately for security and bugs. Platform security is obviously not a priority. ▪️4. They have not posted on any of their social media profiles in several months! The last tweet was in February. For a new platform looking to acquire new users and market their brand new platform. They have not been doing any work! Marketing of the platform is obviously not a priority. ▪️5. They have 4 social media profile icons at the bottom of the page. FB, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn. The Google Icon is linked to Google’s homepage. Their profile does not exist or is not linked as it should be. Their LinkedIn icon is linked to an Instagram page that also no longer exists. These kind of errors are elementary. Any legitimate exchange platform would have identified this rather quickly and applied the corrections. Accuracy is obviously not a priority.

I hope that I am wrong for your sake Jorge. But as a 5+ year veteran in the crypto and blockchain industry, there are too many red flags here 🚩 I believe you have been scammed.

If you can provide the Bitcoin address that you sent the 0.31 BTC deposit to - we ‘may’ be able to learn some additional information via the blockchain. Such as whether the funds have already been diverted to a different exchange. But this may be a long shot.

Their domain is hosted by cloudflare, they have a phone number to report abuse such as this. +1-650-319-8930 They won’t help you recover any funds but they eventually take the site down and prevent them from harming anyone else.

Again, I could be wrong here, but everything I could find indicates otherwise.

Please keep us updated on this. Best of luck.



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