How to use WOO token on-chain for get profit.

By Brainchest


There are different ways to make use of WOO on-chain:

1. Uniswap V2 WOO/ETH Pool: 50,000 WOO/month are sent out to LPs in addition to any trading fees earned while providing liquidity

2. Sushi WOO/USDC Pool

3. Sushi Polygon WOO/WETH pool

4. Stake WOO or BNT on Bancor with impermanent loss protection

5. MDEX WOO/USDT Pool on HECO Chain

6. WOO on HFI vault on HECO Chain

7. WOO/BNB pool on PancakeSwap

8. WOO/BNB on SIL Finance

9. Raydium or Serum WOO/USDC pool

10. WOO/WETH and WOO/QUICK pools on Quickswap Polygon

Centralized exchanges:

1. WOO on Ascendex  

2. WOO on Huobi - just hold tokens in your wallet

3. WOO X.

It's running in Open Beta and will be fully launched on August 20.

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